ESTAPRO™ Sewage Treatment Plant

Our flagship product ESTAPRO™ is a sewage treatment plant that offers extraordinary advantages over conventional wastewater treatment systems. Aapaavani is a manufacturer of sewage treatment plants that are based on advanced Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology that is rapidly gaining acceptance as the foremost wastewater treatment solution across the world.

What is a Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR)?

Unlike conventional modules which rely mainly on settling of sludge for water purification, the MBR module uses a synthetic permeable barrier which is inserted during the end stage of wastewater treatment. This barrier is specially designed for suctioning purified water by eliminating contaminants at the molecular & ionic level using an ultrafiltration microfiltration process.

The hollow fibre membrane used in the MBR has excellent performance of hydrophilic high porosity, water flux, high mechanical strength, long term sustainability and extended service life. The system yields clean water which is far superior to conventional sewage treatment plants and can be used in treating industrial and municipal wastewater of variable quality.

Some of the key product features include key parameter sensors such as dissolved oxygen, integrated with airflow transmitter control valves and variable frequency drive for blowers to create a real-time operations control system.

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How it Works

Our industry is experiencing fundamental challenges. From climate change and geopolitics to the energy markets, we are facing new realities. Some see them as threats.

Step 1: Understanding your requirement

Step 2: Site survey & spot identification

Step 3: Selection of a suitable STP type

Step 4: Design & customization of STP

Step 5: You review & approve the design

Step 6: Fabrication & assembly of STP

Step 7: STP is transported to the site

Step 8: Installation & commissioning

Step 9: Handover of the complete STP

Step 10: Periodic health check-ups

Why Aapaavani ESTAPRO™ MBR?

Occupies Less Space

ESTAPRO™ MBR plants occupy 30-50% less space than conventional sewage treatment plants.

Economical Design

Our plant costs less than a conventional STP in terms of the total capital costs (civil work and equipment).

Fast Installation

The ready-made plants can be installed quickly and easily as compared to conventional STP.

Easy Capacity Enhancement

The capacity of our treatment plants can be enhanced to any size at any point in time.

No Manpower Required

ESTAPRO™ is a fully automatic STP giving you total savings on manpower costs.

Low Maintenance Costs

The plant consumes fewer chemicals, lesser pump power and has lower maintenance costs.

Excellent Treatment

Meets all the latest Pollution Control Board (PCB) norms and even exceeds expectations!

Lesser Sludge Generation

Our plants generate less than 50% sludge of conventional STP, reducing handling costs.

Less Stabilization Time

ESTAPRO™ sewage treatment plants have 30% less stabilization time than a conventional STP.

Deploy Anywhere

ESTAPRO™ can be fitted at any location and can have container-based or civil-based installations.

Mobile Dashboard

The STP functioning details are available on your smartphone — accessible anywhere, anytime!

After-Sales Support

In the unlikely event of plant failure, our engineers will attend to it within 48 hours.

FAQs on ESTAPRO™ Sewage Treatment Plants

Yes. Aapaavani will provide all the necessary documents required to apply for Consent for Establishment (CFE) and Consent for Operation (CFO). We can guide you in the process to apply for the same with the Pollution Control Board.
Membrane Bio-Reactors generally occupy 30-50% less space than a conventional Activated Sludge process or Sequential Batch Reactor technology-based STP. The system can be customized according to the site specifications. Aapaavani offers both civil-based MBR STPs and container-based MBR STPs.
Yes. Aapaavani can upgrade an existing Sewage Treatment Plant into the advanced Membrane Bio-Reactor system. The existing system will be studied and suitable up-gradation will be suggested depending upon the site condition.
Apartments generally generate two types of wastewater — greywater and blackwater. Greywater is generated from domestic usages — like laundry, dishwashing and bathing. Blackwater is generated from toilets that contain human waste. Domestic wastewater is the sum of both.
The water supply requirement is 135 litres per person per day. About 80% of the total consumption ends up as domestic wastewater — so that’s about 108-110 litres per person per day.
Treated Sewage water should meet the discharge standard prescribed by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change — you can read it here and here.
Aapaavani designs, installs and commissions fully automatic advanced wastewater treatment plants incorporating Membrane Bio-Reactor technology to apartment complexes based on their requirements. We design the system after considering space constraints, the need for tertiary treatment and treated water use. The treated water will meet the existing stringent norms prescribed by MoEF&CC and Pollution Control Board.

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