We Design and supply various filters for water treatment application, we supply
• Sand Filters
• Multi Media Filters,
• Activated Carbon Filters,
• Iron removal filters,
• Cartridge and Bag Filters,

We design & supply softeners for removal of Hardness in the water used in various Domestic as well as Industrial applications.

Reverse osmosis is a process of separation of dissolved ions from water/waste water by pressurizing it through a semi permeable membrane. From the feed stream the purified water passes through the membrane as product and concentrated ions are rejected as a reject.
Our Range of Reverse Osmosis Systems includes
• Domestic water RO
• Brackish Water RO

We design and supply De-mineralization plants as per the end user’s requirement.
DM plants can be membrane based, resin based & electrode base.

We can supply disinfection units as follows.
• Chemical based
• UV based
• Copper-Silver Based


How it Works

Our industry is experiencing fundamental challenges. From climate change and geopolitics to the energy markets, we are facing new realities. Some see them as threats.

Step 1: Survey through electrical resistivity

Step 2: Understanding of subsurface geology

Step 3: Identification of subsurface fractures/faults

Step 4: Marking of the aquifer boundary

Step 5: Locating of groundwater recharge source

Step 6: Post-implementation evaluation

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