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Our Core Services

Sewage Treatment Plants

We are a leading Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer and our flagship product ESTAPRO™ offers extraordinary advantages over conventional Sewage Treatment Plants. We use Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology which is a cutting-edge wastewater treatment solution.

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Environmental Forensics

Our environmental forensics services help you with developing defensible conclusions regarding the source or age of a contaminant release into the environment through systematic and scientific evaluation of physical, chemical, and historical information.

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Effluent Treatment Plants

AUSTENPRO™ Effluent Treatment Plants are premium customised products we offer to address the needs of industries textiles, chemicals, distilleries, paper and pulp, aluminium and more! We design, manufacture, supply and commission the AUSTENPRO™ ETPs.

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Groundwater Remediation

We provide comprehensive remediation solutions to make groundwater safe for humans and minimize the negative impact that contaminants have on the environment. We provide both in-situ (on-site) and ex-situ (off-site) remediation solutions based on sound scientific data.

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The Aapaavani Story

Aapaavani builds innovative solutions — including effluent and sewage treatment plants — for dealing with environmental pollutants that plague our urban spaces. Founded by a team of professionals with backgrounds in Environmental and Chemical Engineering, we harness our technical prowess to understand contemporary challenges and devise unique solutions in the environment sector. The plants and machinery conceptualised, designed, manufactured and installed by us stand as a testament to our track record as a provider of viable and sustainable solutions.

Why Choose Aapaavani?

Accomplished Team

Aapaavani is founded by professionals with backgrounds in Environmental and Chemical Engineering, and with extensive experience in the relevant fields.

Customized Solutions

We provide customized solutions based on our client’s specific requirements, taking into account space constraints and other treatment requirements.

Quality Monitoring

We track the health of installed plants through our Online Plant Monitoring System (OPMS) that provides detailed records on the working conditions.

Proven Track Record

We have completed over a dozen projects in a short span of time without any marketing efforts — relying solely on the testimony of our satisfied customers.

Our Esteemed Clients


Our Customers Speak

"We are impressed by the technical proficiency of the Aapaavani team! The engineers are well versed in the latest effluent treatment technology. They were able to accurately understand our needs and come up with effective customized solutions. Today we are able to meet all the mandatory requirements effortlessly and the company provides us with backup support whenever we need it. We can confidently say that choosing Aapaavani is the best decision we have taken for meeting our effluent treatment needs.”
Mohammed Sameer Abdulla
MD & CEO - Armour Kartons Pvt. Ltd., Udupi
“Being a textile washing unit, we are large-scale consumers of freshwater. Water is the most precious natural resource. Hence, we have a special responsibility to conserve water in the best way possible and prove our commitment to the environment. Having chosen Aapaavani for meeting our wastewater treatment needs, we are proud that we are able to harvest clean water from our wastewater and go home with a clean conscience.”
Mr. Nanda Kumar
MD - Blue Logic, Bangalore
“Being a residential educational institution, we needed a sewage treatment plant for treating our domestic wastewater. As we have a large student population, hygiene is very important to us. Aapaavani’s world-class membrane technology has enabled us to meet our needs in the most cost-effective and hassle-free manner. The sewage treatment plant installed by the company is almost maintenance-free and we have never faced any breakdown or bottlenecks. Aapaavani has a strong technical and service team and attended to our needs in a timely manner. We strongly recommend Aapaavani to other prospective users having similar requirements.”
Mr. Sharana Kumar
Principal — Sri Siddhivinayaka Residential School, Hattiangady

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