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Industrial facilities and factories often generate a variety of effluents that, if released untreated, can cause a lot of damage to the environment. This is why the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change as well as the Central Pollution Control Board have laid out strict guidelines that the industrial facilities and factories have to follow while dealing with such effluents.

The best approach to treating these industrial effluents is to install an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Of course, the challenge here is that different industries generate different types of effluents and a standard ETP cannot be deployed across the board. This is where the expertise of the Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer comes in — they provide custom-built ETPs to serve the effluent treatment needs of industries.

If you are looking to set up an industrial Effluent Treatment Plant and don’t know where to start, this guide should help. We will look at the different types of effluents generated by industries, how an ETP works, the type of industries that need to have an ETP, and the process for setting up an ETP. Let’s dive in!

What Are the Different Types of Effluents Generated by Industries?

The different types of pollutants and effluents generated by industries include chemicals, pathogens, biodegradable organic matter, pesticides, detergents, suspended sediments, inorganic nutrients like Nitrogen and Phosphorous, radioactive isotopes, hot water release from Thermal Power Plants, Volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals, and others.

What Is the Process of an Effluent Treatment Plant?

Inside an Effluent Treatment Plant, industrial wastewaters or effluents are treated in a three-step process — Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment. This process needs to be designed as per the characteristics of the prevailing effluent. The treated water can then be reused/recycled back or used for gardening.

What Type of Industries Need to Have An Effluent Treatment Plant?

Any industry which generates wastewater needs to have an Effluent Treatment Plant. This includes textile, chemical, distillery, metals, paper and pulp, among others. The objectives of treatment for various industries are determined by the characterization of the effluent, determining the impact on receiving streams and land, and the long term transformation, following which a suitable treatment solution is developed.

What Is the Process for Setting up an Effluent Treatment Plant?

Once you have identified a reliable Effluent Treatment Plant manufacturer, the first step is the analysis of untreated effluents. This is necessary to create a tailor-made solution for your particular industrial facility. Once this is done, the suitable type of Effluent Treatment Plant is identified and an effluent treatability study is carried out. Following this, the design, customization, fabrication and assembly of ETP takes place. The completed ETP is then transported to the site and installed. Periodic maintenance and health check-ups will be conducted to ensure the smooth functioning of the Effluent Treatment Plant.

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