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When it comes to effective solutions for wastewater treatment, Sewage Treatment Plants are widely regarded as the best solution. These plants take in sewage water as input and process it to give reusable water as output. The treated water can be used for flushing or gardening purposes. STPs are usually deployed in apartment complexes and buildings that have a significant amount of sewage — which is wastewater coming from human consumption.

From households, the wastewater is typically generated from toilet flushing, washing utensils or clothes, and so on. This can be classified into two types — greywater and blackwater. Greywater is generated from domestic usages — like laundry, dishwashing and bathing. Blackwater is generated from toilets that contain human waste. Domestic wastewater is the sum of both.

Different Types of Sewage Treatment Plants

There are three main types of Sewage Treatment Plants:

  • Activated Sludge Process Plants
    Activated Sludge Process Plants treat sewage or wastewater using aeration and a biological floc made up of microorganisms. This type of STP has a tank where the air is injected, followed by another tank to allow the sludge blanket to settle, separating out the clear treated water.
  • Sequential Batch Reactor Plants
    Sequential Batch Reactor Plants are a type of Activated Sludge Plant that are used to treat sewage in batches. Oxygen is bubbled through the mixture of sewage and activated sludge to reduce the organic matter. This type of plant involves a 5-step process — Fill, React, Settle, Decant and Idle.
  • Membrane Bio-Reactor Plants
    Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR) generally occupy 30-50% less space than a conventional Activated Sludge Process or Sequential Batch Reactor technology-based STP. Unlike conventional modules which rely mainly on settling of sludge for water purification, the MBR module uses a synthetic permeable barrier that is inserted during the end stage of wastewater treatment. This barrier is specially designed for suctioning purified water by eliminating contaminants at the molecular & ionic level using an ultrafiltration microfiltration process.
  • MBR type STPs are quickly becoming the preferred method of wastewater treatment across the world due to the efficiency of the process and the fact that they occupy much less space than the other types of STP.

    What Is the Process of Sewage Treatment in An MBR STP?

    There is one preliminary stage followed by 3 more stages in the process of sewage treatment in a Membrane Bio-Reactor type STP:

    • Preliminary — Removal of the gross solids from wastewater such as rags, sticks, floatables, grit and grease that may cause maintenance or operational problems with the treatment operations, processes, and ancillary systems.
    • Primary — Removal of a portion of the suspended solids and organic matter from the wastewater.
    • Secondary — Removal of biodegradable organic matter (in solution or suspension) and suspended solids.
    • Tertiary — Removal of residual suspended solids, usually by microfiltration. Disinfection is also part of tertiary treatment and nutrient removal is often included as well.
    • Environmental protection: An STP reduces water pollution and land pollution due to wastewater, thus protecting the environment.
    • Environmental legal compliance: An STP eliminates disease-causing bacteria and kills harmful organisms. It filters out such contaminants before the wastewater leaves the tank and enters the ground. This filtering process prevents diseases from entering water sources or reaching plants and farm animals.
    • The water can be reused:The use of wastewater for a variety of purposes is gaining increased popularity as a means of preserving scarce freshwater resources. Wastewater reuse is increasingly considered a method combining water and nutrient recycling.
    Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Mangalore

    If you are looking for a leading Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer in Mangalore, then reach out to Aapaavani! We can help you with your enquiries about Sewage Treatment Plant cost and set up. Our ESTAPRO™ MBR STPs are state-of-the-art plants that can meet your sewage treatment needs.

    Aapaavani has a track record of fabricating and installing Sewage Treatment plants in a short time. The system can be customized according to the site specifications and we offer both civil-based and container-based MBR STPs. Additionally, if you are looking for STP maintenance vendors, we can help!

    Aapaavani is founded by Environmental professionals and provides customized solutions based on our client’s specific requirements. We take into account their space constraints if any, tertiary treatment requirements and reuse requirements.

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